The school I want?

Some ways I would improve my school is have a field were you can play at the end of the day. I would do this because middle school doesn’t let you go play outside. Also the kids need to have a little break, for doing lots of work!  How I would plan this is by setting dates and seeing if the kids are doing good in the hallways, the cafeteria and in the classrooms. Also I would have a few police officers walking around the school watching out for bullies, so that everyone is safe.  Next, if everyone is good then they will play outside at the end of the day (adds extra hour). Then if everyone is good for the whole year the they will have an end of the year celebration at 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm after school that day.

Schooling has changed the past one hundred years by the teachers had a ruler and they smacked you or the desk to wake you up. Also they smacked your butt with it.if you were bad. Also they had chalkboards. They had wooden desks and they had wooden chairs. They also had wooden houses. The farmers 100 years ago had different forms of materials like the hoe that they used looks different today, they didn’t have tractors they had oxen, cows, horses and wagons. Why did they use oxen, cows or horses? What did they use them for? Were they useful? Were they useless? Did they trade them? How much weight could they pull? Could they even pull anything? How much did they weigh? How much can they carry? How much did they work?

When I get into my classroom I set my things down and the next thing you know I here a crash (BOOM). I look out the window and I saw a glimpse of the explosion. I keep it a secret until I found someone running across the field. He was tall, it has big arms, big legs, and big feet. I didn’t know what it was. After school I went to see what it was, it was dark, cloudy and foggy. It was the creepiest thing iv´e  ever seen.  I went  back to my house, I told my parents what I saw. They were nervous to see what I saw, but they had to see it. The next day, I looked out the window again and I saw a sinkhole and the creature was going in it. I was surprised because I could figure out what  they are! I thought to myself if I would go in the sinkhole? would I make it out alive? would I be safe? I went to show my parents to see what it had in it my mom gave me a rope I threw it down I saw saw concrete. when I got to the floor I sneaked behind a trash can. Then a few minutes later the creature was carrying something big, really big it had a cover over it. What happens next?

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My 20% Project

Don’t you ever think of all the sick kids in the hospital that have cancer?  Well that is exactly the problem that we have noticed and we want to help stop that by holding a dodge ball tournament at Ryle High School (if they allow us to use their gym) for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.  We think that it will be a great experience for students at Gray to participate in this activity and it will make a big difference on sick kids lives.

Our product is to create a dodge ball tournament at Ryle.  If people come to watch the entry fee will be $1-$5.  With the money, we will donate it to kids who have cancer.  We are thinking about doing a glow in the dark dodge ball at the end of the tournament as a prize for all teams.  Our mentor for this project will be Jackson’s dad and he will be the ref and possibly help coach for the teams. We will also need  some volunteers to also help coach.  Our expenses for this project will mainly be the supplies such as dodge balls, T-shirts to indicate which team is which, etc.

How I am feeling about this project is pretty nervous because i have never done anything like this. Second I am felling good because we are helping the children that have Cancer. Lastly I am sad just to think about the children who have Cancer.

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Whatever I want

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Too much milk is bad for you, but why? Well animal milk is the go to source of calcium. Animal milk is not absorbed as well as that plant-based sources. Also it is good for your health. It contains protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fat. The change that enabled early Europeans to drink milk without getting sick.

Protein is important because it fights diseases, renew cells, and builds muscles to maintain healthy hair and nails. That is why you should eat meat at least a serving of it each day. Also milk is a good source of protein, since it holds or contains 8 grams. Why is dairy bad for you? The animal protein it contains may cause bone loss! Dairy causes digestive problems for 75% of people with lactose intolerance.

How was milk discovered, first used, and if it was possible, who discovered it? People have been drinking animal milk, and making it out of cheese, also butter.As cows that give milk are pregnant most of their lives, the natural hormones that occur during pregnancy are found in the milk you drink. The reason that milk products cause acne is because milk Freshly Baked  contains hormones that “turn on” oil glands.


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The All-Star Bobby

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Bobby is an All-Star baseball player. He was playing in the World Series. A few days later the World Series was here, there was over 10,000 people there to watch Bobby play. It is the last inning, last out, player on third, down by one, Bobby was up at bat, the pitcher threw the ball it was a strike. the pitcher threw another ball it was a strike, his teammates said come on Bobby you can do it. The pitcher threw the ball Bobby looked at it he stared it down ……..

What do you think should happen next?

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Part  B…..        The apple picker

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Why I like my avatar

The reason why I like my avatar is that I like riding dirt bikes and I always keep a cool helmet on. I also like my avatar because it has a pretty cool helmet and a suit that looks like mine but without the cape. It also has fire on the helmet and I like fire because it can help you in a survival situation. It also has an arm sleeve like I used to have when I played basketball. I like the gloves that he has on because I use baseball gloves for when I play baseball or at the batting cage. He has a cape because he reminds me of a hero my grandpa. My grandpa is a hero because he served in the Marine Core.

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About My Passion

My Passion is to play as many sports as I can and I am trying out for a select team and it is hard to get the team that I am trying out for because there are one of the best teams in the league. There name is called the Red Dragons there an N K B team which means that their a Northern Kentucky Baseball team. I am really excited to tryout for this team because iv’e never tried to tryout for a team like this ever in my life i’m kind of nervous. I like playing baseball because it was the first sport iv’e ever played in my life. I also like playing baseball because I got a lot of trophies when I played I have the M V P of the year trophy, I have the most stolen bases, and I have the farthest hit. I have more but I didn’t want to name them all but I do have more. My favorite position is short stop (ss) or pitcher i am really good at both.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     How to play BASEBALL? How do you play Baseball, how you play baseball is that if the team has the same number of runs, they play more innings until a team wins. At the start of the game the home team pitches, while the visiting team bats. Only one batter can bat at a time. The baseball field, or diamond, has to main parts the outfield and the infield. If the outfield or infield gets 3 outs then they switch and they keep on doing that for 9 innings. If you hit the batter then the batter walks to first base if the bases are loaded then the third basemen goes to home. If you hit a home run then everyone on base runs all the bases until they get to home.

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