About My Passion

My Passion is to play as many sports as I can and I am trying out for a select team and it is hard to get the team that I am trying out for because there are one of the best teams in the league. There name is called the Red Dragons there an N K B team which means that their a Northern Kentucky Baseball team. I am really excited to tryout for this team because iv’e never tried to tryout for a team like this ever in my life i’m kind of nervous. I like playing baseball because it was the first sport iv’e ever played in my life. I also like playing baseball because I got a lot of trophies when I played I have the M V P of the year trophy, I have the most stolen bases, and I have the farthest hit. I have more but I didn’t want to name them all but I do have more. My favorite position is short stop (ss) or pitcher i am really good at both.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     How to play BASEBALL? How do you play Baseball, how you play baseball is that if the team has the same number of runs, they play more innings until a team wins. At the start of the game the home team pitches, while the visiting team bats. Only one batter can bat at a time. The baseball field, or diamond, has to main parts the outfield and the infield. If the outfield or infield gets 3 outs then they switch and they keep on doing that for 9 innings. If you hit the batter then the batter walks to first base if the bases are loaded then the third basemen goes to home. If you hit a home run then everyone on base runs all the bases until they get to home.

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