My 20% Project

Don’t you ever think of all the sick kids in the hospital that have cancer?  Well that is exactly the problem that we have noticed and we want to help stop that by holding a dodge ball tournament at Ryle High School (if they allow us to use their gym) for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.  We think that it will be a great experience for students at Gray to participate in this activity and it will make a big difference on sick kids lives.

Our product is to create a dodge ball tournament at Ryle.  If people come to watch the entry fee will be $1-$5.  With the money, we will donate it to kids who have cancer.  We are thinking about doing a glow in the dark dodge ball at the end of the tournament as a prize for all teams.  Our mentor for this project will be Jackson’s dad and he will be the ref and possibly help coach for the teams. We will also need  some volunteers to also help coach.  Our expenses for this project will mainly be the supplies such as dodge balls, T-shirts to indicate which team is which, etc.

How I am feeling about this project is pretty nervous because i have never done anything like this. Second I am felling good because we are helping the children that have Cancer. Lastly I am sad just to think about the children who have Cancer.

See my  Visual Aide for more information.

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